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The weather is terribly distracting lately. I'm finding it very hard to get anything done, when it is so very sunshiny and there are new plants coming up (tulips and daffodils and hyacinth, lilies and hosta and charming little perennials and oh, so many things!) everywhere outside. With that in mind, I allowed myself to go with a friend to the beach this morning/afternoon, since I figured I wouldn't have done much work if I stayed home anyway. We had a lovely day, though it was very windy and neither of us dared get close to the water to check its temperature (one very brave small child was jumping around in the waves, but she was the only one doing so on the whole beach). Ah, lovely summer in April!

After that, I still didn't get any work done this evening because there were weeds to pull, and plants to water and surround with little stone borders (so the mailman knows not to step on 'em), and sun to soak up. Also, ants keep mysteriously appearing in our bathroom and I have to catch them and throw them outside. I don't know why they want to be inside on such a lovely day; I'm sure their mothers don't approve.

Plus I had to make some delicious curry for dinner because I haven't had any in a while (if I leave my mum to make dinner, all we eat are salads (okay, she's adopted a couple of the curry recipes from that book and they're really good, but she was preoccupied with making salad tonight so I had to do the other part)). And then my littlest brother came back from college for this Easter weekend. Yay, I have a little brother to pester! (that's kind of the opposite of normal, but kind of not because it's big-sisterly-pestering).

My cat is lounging around on my floor, and I turned around for something and she noticed, and stretched and sorta rolled over on her round fat stomach. She is so cute and ridiculous.

On another topic, Eensy Weensy Monster is listed on Amazon now!! It's always nice when Tokyopop or CMX decide they like a mangaka who I also like, and publish a whole bunch of that mangaka's work.

Also, since I heard about that exciting listing, I went to look at amazon myself (so I could update my special happy nerdy calendar of manga-releases) and came across this How to Draw Shojo Manga item which claims to be by "The Editors Of Hakusensha's Shojo M". I don't think I particularly need a book on how to draw, but I am something of a Hakusensha-shoujo fan so... I want to know what this is all about. Maybe it's this? With Reiko Shimizu and Saki Hiwatari and Natsuki Takaya and others?? Hmmm. That could be awesome :D

Geekout done for now!

(ack, I keep getting the feeling ants are crawling on me. I hate that feeling.)

Happy Easter to you all!!


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4th Apr, 2010 02:13 (UTC)
I have been sitting in the dark all day! I don't know what my deal is, I am crazy. I want to go to the beach, though. Sounds like fun!

Happy Easter to you too, but I will actually see you tomorrow so I guess I can just say it then too. Hmm.
4th Apr, 2010 18:52 (UTC)
Lys, I'm disappointed; getting outdone by a little girl... I thought you were more adventurous than that. Next time show those waves whose boss.

Is it Easter? Happy Easter! I guess.
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