a very eventful day in spring

Hi livejournal! Been a bit. (edit: exactly a year and a day, in fact!)

Today was a full day, especially after doing hardly anything except work for most of the past week. Yesterday felt really surreal when I thought back and realized my whole day had disappeared in work, but today, I feel alive!!!

I started it off by retrieving the mail, which led to celebrating my birthday (three months and some early) with a greeting and membership offer from AARP (???) (really. ??????) and, spurred on by this giddy excitement, reciting a few lines of The Importance of Being Earnest, read from a postcard from a thoughtful friend♥︎

Then I went to the farmers market and got fresh green things from "my" farmers there. I also got my hands on some carrots (from another farmer), and they are so spicy-sweet-delicious and full of flavour!! It's been a long time since I had farm-grown carrots. There's nothing like 'em. I read Delicious in Dungeon on the walk to and from (the weather was so fine!!) and this was the perfect entertainment-with-substance, drawing me into thoughts about sustainable living and agriculture and eating well, and even bringing in a bit of bread baking, and considering the perspectives and lived experiences of "others."

Getting home, I cooked up (or warmed up) a lunch with some of my market spoils. Green spinach and rappini, orange kabocha and carrots, purple daikon jumbled together into wonderfulness. The kabocha was so sweet, it tasted like honey.

I cooked with the back door open and then ate on the front porch, where I spotted the neighbours-across-Gladstone out working on their yard, so I was able to inquire about a yard waste bin (of mine) that had blown away into their yard. They were happy to return it to me, and I was happy to go home and finish my lunch, then do some clean-up in my own yard. During this task, I had a bit of conversation with the black walnut neighbours, and finally brought up the question of whether I might be allowed to take the tree down (i mean, to hire someone professional to do it)!! They'll think and talk about it. I'll remain hopeful. Anna (the wife) was more enthusiastic about the idea than Dan (the husband)...

After all that, I thought I'd really better get some work done. But I went to use the bathroom first, and then discovered the toilet was clogged, and then ended up overflowing and flooding the whole bathroom floor! (now I understand the merit of the little edge that bumps up at the doorway...So I had to mop. And then some of the water must've got into the floor under the toilet, because next thing I knew it was coming down from the ceiling downstairs, near the stairs and from the chandelier light!! AAAAAAAAHHH. So. More cleanup. It felt a little disastrous, but I guess because I'd had some good experiences earlier in the day, I was able to laugh it off a bit and see the absurdity of things. Like, shrieking as I watched the disaster unfold before my eyes, and clambering over the countertop and the shower/tub edge until I could reach a floor space that wasn't water and get out the door to find a mop or something.

As the sun went down, there was the most brilliant pink-orange sunset down the street. It was breathtaking.

Eventually I got to work. I finished retouch for Hatsu*Haru (thankfully no new school newspaper spreads this volume) and now I'm doing the final lettering pass!


noragami night!

That this day should come!!

I am writing just a quick update, because I don't have much patience, but I want it told that I am about to letter a new volume of Noragami. I knew I missed it these last few months, but I didn't realize how much I missed it until I sat down to get the files set up this evening and started feeling all my love and delight over this series bubbling up... And this volume'll probably break my heart a few times, the way things have been going, and leave me sobbing for the next volume that won't be out till who knows when, but it'll be so good even so. I probably shouldn't even be working on it right now because it isn't due for a couple weeks and I have two other books that are due Monday and Tuesday and they are not done (i did work on some retouch for one of them and got three pages with crazy scary gigantic sfx finished! the rest of the volume won't be so scary now. look for those in Yona 7!). But... sometimes you have motivation, and sometimes you don't, and sometimes your motivation to work on a Friday night only applies to one thing, so you decide you might as well be productive somewhere rather than nowhere.


status update: good grief it is so hard to lay out the pages in this book and get them lined up with the margins without actually looking at them because I don't want to see what happens until I'm ready to add the text. GAHHHHHHH.

stealing badtz' Fangirl Friday :)

Dude!!!!!!! Mayu Fujikata is writing My Darling! Miss Bancho again for LaLa DX! WHAAAAAAT! I saw a headline on ANN about some Kenka Bancho Otome and was reminded of my favourite bancho girl so I looked up the author to see if anything ever was said about what happened with her, and her blog's been updating since December and she's listed on LaLa DX's website for the current issue!!! Awwwwwww~♥

I took a bit more time to look over her blog and it sounds like she's done a oneshot or something as well so I hope she can ease back into manga writing at a healthy pace :) It's been so long since I read the series that I feel a little weird being this enthusiastic, but though my memories of the story and characters are a little vague, the sense of charm and niceness they had has stuck with me. And whenever something stops abruptly you just can't help wondering what might have been, so I am excited for this one to make its return! And of course I'm happy to know that the author is still alive and well!

Anyway, that's all for today :)

(oh, I also got a bunch of comp books from Yen since i'd forgotten to request them for a couple months (I send them a list so I don't have to get individual packages for each book). Badtz, I'll send new Nozaki and Alice your way soon! My Kino order came the other day too! And books I'm going to be working on in the next month or so! I'm drowning in 'em!)

(some of) what happened in september

I need to write something here before September is over (because I haven't posted anything in September yet and I try to have at least one post in every month...) so here we go, let's see what this turns into!

Right now I'm sitting in bed (news! I got a laptop and then I went to Japan with it and now it is my way of staying up too late browsing the internet. not-news: I still don't have a smartphone.) and I have both cats at my side, and at each other's side, and it's super sweet. Josie is purring loudly but starting to drift off to sleep. I kind of don't want to sleep myself yet, because the cats are too cute and I want to take it in and appreciate it.

After my Japan trip (if you want to know more about that you can read double_dear's excellent report, or wait till I eventually someday upload photos to facebook) I immediately got a cold (like, the day after I got home I woke up with that feeling in my throat...) and that was bad news for my already over-full catch-up schedule because it was a serious enough cold that I had to spend a few days just lazing about and sleeping (the jetlag was probably part of it too) and sipping miso soup and ginger tea. But somehow I made it through all that... somehow... and now I even feel like I'm caught up with work and making good progress on everything!! It's amazing! I didn't even feel like that before my trip! I have a good rhythm now with the monthly Fruits Basket volumes: I've gotten to the more dramatic parts of the story, which means sparser dialogue/narration and not asides on every single page. (there are still occasional scenes with lots of asides, but in earlier volumes they were the majority.) I just lettered a first volume for SevenSeas and it was the best first volume of a series ever because the lettering was super simple and there were many pages with one or two or ZERO lines of text (I get paid per book, not per page lettered), and the sfx were all typeset in bubbles, meaning I didn't have to choose fancy fonts or even rotate the text to fit in with the artwork. I'm very pleased to have picked this series up. (not just because it's so easy; it's intriguing on its own merits as well.)

Annnnd... today ShojoBeat posted its October books on facebook and YONA!!! was featured among them and when umadoshi shared the post, she mentioned working on or being done with a volume ahead of the one I just turned in, which gave me the idea that I could pester my editor for new files, which I did, and she kindly uploaded them for me, and I got started on cleaning them tonight!! We're already up to Green, wow! I discovered a fun thing about working on Yona is that while I'm cleaning the pages, I keep glimpsing the Japanese lines (before I erase them) and instantly recalling how they're spoken by the voice actors in the anime because I've watched and listened to it so many many times by now, and it's very amusing. Such a memorable series...

Hmm, okay, I think I can sleep now.

I did things!!

Ahhh... today I finally feel like I'm starting to catch up on all sorts of things. (I'm surely still desperately behind on all sorts of other things, though.)

-It rained all morning! (I can take absolutely ZERO credit for this, but I am glad for it because we needed rain.) And then it was super hot the rest of the day (but it's just as well the rain stopped because I had errands to walk). Wooo summer!
-I finished an omnibus lettering project this afternoon! And started on another this evening!
-I found out that one of my books due this month got pushed out two more months (to be published in January instead of November)! (it's a series I can usually letter in 3 days so it's not a huge load off my schedule, but I'll take it.)
-I got Noragami files!!!!! This isn't so much catching up as adding more, but it's Noragami so it must be a good thing.
-I UPS'd a bunch of books back to Yen that I was done lettering! And in the same trip (it's a very very convenient chunk of town), I picked up a few groceries (oats, bananas, plantains, fresh ginger, almond milk), deposited checks, and...
-I actually remembered to use my birthday-month free-beverage postcard for the local coffee chain! I frequent such places so infrequently that I never know what anything is (I'm on their mailing list at my parents' address: I signed up ages ago when my brother worked there), but the kind baristas helped me determine that I wanted a frozen mocha latte with soy milk (and they offered to use a different base that was dairy-free, so helpful!) and it was very delicious (and very sweet...) and helped me survive the walk home with my bag of groceries.
-I trimmed the front yard's lawn/clover+weeds into something that a very generous soul might call decent (and yesterday I cut back some of the jungle along the side yard). I left most of the Queen Anne's Lace because at least it's a pretty weed, and it wasn't growing TOO everywhere. I also learned by experiment that the city will take my piles of weeds and branches if it's a big enough pile made up of big enough pieces. (they tell us to put grass clippings and yard debris in paper bags and I thought that meant all yard waste except like really huge stuff that wouldn't fit well in a bag, but I'm out of bags so I tried it anyway and it had magically disappeared this morning. maybe they were just so relieved I was trying to clean things up that they made an exception...)
-I'm eating some of my CSA veggies and drinking some of my kombucha for dinner! (these are, in fact, "things to catch up on" because I get more veggies every week, and I start a new batch of kombucha every week too.)
-I lettered a third volume of Yona this past weekend, and turned in the first batch of corrections tonight!! It's kind of hard for me to believe I've lettered three volumes already. (maybe because I still haven't received the finished v1. even though they were selling them at AX. grumble.) I was always intimidated by the idea of lettering for Viz because I'd have to replace sound effects, but now I'm learning that for some series this isn't quite so intimidating after all (which isn't to say I'm going to run out and start asking for more titles from them any time soon). Yona does have some complex ones, but a lot more simple ones. It's also probably helpful that my deadlines are broken up into half-volume chunks (and 2 weeks for each half), so I'm not panicking at the last minute to finish off an entire volume. Thank you, Yona, for not being Maid Sama! or Gakuen Alice :)

Now to catch up on livejournal comments...!

shoujo manga i have been reading

I feel like I've been reading a lot of manga lately (despite my job, because of my job, etc) and I wanted to write a bit about (and sort out in my head) what I'm thinking of it. Let's see what I can remember...

Most recently (2am this morning) I finished the last (tenth) volume of Yumemiru Taiyou, which I mentioned in my last post when I was still only half way through v3. I'm swinging back toward Betsuma-flavoured shoujo again, which was my one-true-manga-love for a time in the mid-00s, when I was studying Japanese in college (until I fell for Hidaka Banri and became a HanaLaLa loyalist). Because of my studies, I started buying one-shot collections in Japanese (the kind with several stories from some up-and-coming new artist who hadn't been given the go-ahead for a long series yet), so that I could practice reading something and have the satisfaction of a conclusion without investing the time it would take me to read an entire multi-volume series in my newly-(barely-)learned second language. I don't remember exactly how I chose which artists or books to pick up: I think it was just looking at book covers on Shueisha's website, and browsing the previews they had there for each month's new releases. I also picked up a couple prized magazines on rare occasions when I could get to Mitsuwa in Chicago.

Somehow with all of this I discovered Takano Ichigo, who had a funky-sketchy art style with always-fashionably-dressed characters of assorted styles and personalities. I would describe her artwork as "colourful" even when it was all black-and-white, because of her heavy use of simple patterns—stripes, polka-dots, bows, stars—and the way she combined solid tones. Another thing that impressed me was that some of her one-shots had unexpected sad endings: a love-interest with a fatal disease, or cases where, sorry, they just don't like you back. You may know I'm not one to go in for the beautifully-tragic-melodramatic shoujo series that are designed (calculated) to make you cry buckets, but her short stories that alternated between despair and joy and just-plain-silliness (sometimes in the same story) really stuck with me like no others from those years quite did.

And then... for whatever reasons (HanaLaLa taking over my brain, ease of reading manga in English at a time when there was an abundance of titles to choose from, wanting longer series with characters I could invest in while not being ready to dive into long reads in Japanese, difficulty of finding books at a good price (my early purchases were from YesAsia because it had free shipping, but it didn't always have books in stock, and a lot of what came up in searches was in Chinese which was no use to me)), I stopped keeping up with Japanese releases, so I never read Takano Ichigo's first long series. (there's also a one-shot collection of hers that I could never find... I need to look into that now.)

And then Crunchyroll started digitally publishing her work and I was like "Cool! But I don't read digital manga. And they should've asked me to letter it."

And then SevenSeas picked up orange and I emailed the editor immediately and said "let me let me let me i wanna letter it!!!! it's mine!" (not really. I asked enthusiastically, but professionally.) If you aren't familiar with the series, the first (and maybe only) thing you need to know is that it's great and by all means you should read it. But if you want to know more, it's a story about a group of friends, and starts out with the main character, Naho, receiving a letter from herself-ten-years-in-the-future.Collapse )And it's great, and Takano Ichigo creates the most interesting and lovable and entertaining characters, and they often have very clear flaws, but those flaws make them relatable and all the more lovable.

And so I lettered it and first thing I was like "Ohhhhh Takano Ichigo how I love your art! What an honour it is to contribute my lettering, and I only hope I may do work worthy of being in the same book as your art!!" and I put my heart into replicating all her "colourful" screentone patterns and bubble lettering and funky-handdrawn-style, stuff like googly-eyes and bows tacked on to headings, or that elementary-and-middle-school-girl dot-handwriting (where the ends and points of all your letters end in a dot) that I'd quite forgotten about in the 20-odd intervening years since that was a Thing, and so whenever that came up I'd copy-paste the text into photoshop, then hand-draw dots onto all the ends. It was so fun. And this was the book where I used my own handwriting for the main character's letter to herself. When I think on it now, it feels maybe a little self-indulgent to do that (since I made no effort to disguise or transform my handwriting). I didn't think to make up an in-character handwriting style until I got to a substantial chunk of another character's handwriting and realized it needed to look handwritten rather than like a font, but also not look like the same person wrote it. So how I did that was, I lettered it with a font to get the words in place, then set the layer semi-transparent, then made a new letter to write over it, trying not to trace too faithfully, to give it a natural-handwritten-look with consistent quirks of letter-shaping. And that is how I became Suwa. Thankfully he didn't write stuff all throughout the story as Naho did.

While I was working on the series, all my excitement for Takano Ichigo manga came flooding back and I wanted to read everything she ever did, so I reread the one-shots I still had, and then along came the opportunity to buy the whole Yumemiru Taiyou set from Amazon Japan. So of course I did that. But because of busyness and the intimidation of a 10-volume series (I've worked my way up to reading whole series in Japanese, but still usually do so one or two volumes at a time, although I did read all of Hirunaka no Ryuusei, and then also Aoharu Ride, at once. man, that addictive Betsuma drama...) I didn't read it right away. But as described last time, I started reading YT, and then I stopped because of denial reasons, and then I picked it up again when I got over the thing I was in denial about, and then I couldn't stop reading (some of it is just the expected momentum of reading a shoujo series and waiting for them to Start Going Out Already!!) And it was moving and funny and cute and drama-tastic and bittersweet and interesting and aggravating. But mostly all the good stuff. (it was also a pretty easy read for me, vocab-wise, which was very satisfying.) My mind was in a weird place after I finished and was thinking about this series and orange, because orange feels a lot more realistic and down to earth and YT had more "only in shoujo manga..." developments. But then as I was rereading the bonus comics on the website/twitter (the ones for orange are great too!! there's some kabe-don art :D) and thinking about the characters more, they started blending together and connecting somehow. But then also, it was 2am so I was probably a little loopy.

Once again, I love all the characters she creates. And I love the fashion sense(s). There's one character who always wears button-up shirts and a tie, even to the beach. Or if he has to wear a tshirt for some reason, there's still a tie. So dapper. And a character who carries out most of the antagonist's schemes and sets up obstacles so you might call him a "bad guy" nevertheless has his own life going on in the background and it's precious, and meanwhile he is just strange, in an understated sort of way.

Collapse )

The best best part was once I got to the end, I could look at her website gallery again and read all the silly extra comics posted there that she'd drawn for the series, and they would make sense. And there are so many adorable things there. So that alone would make the series worth the read in my eyes, but overall I enjoyed it so much. And also there was a drawing I realized was of the landlord inviting orange's Kakeru to stay at his place (it's basically a house full of kids who are dealing with stressful stuff and need some space to work through things, so he's there to be the responsible adult who watches out for them but isn't their parent and can give them some outside perspective.) and my heart got a little melty. Awwww~ Takano Ichigo loves her own characters, and that comes through in her work and in the fact that she keeps drawing them for fun after the series ends, and that's something I always love to see from an artist.

Also!!! In orange there is a Suwa and a Kakeru and they aren't the same person!!!! It kept weirding me out. (if you recall, Kakeru Suwa is a very important name (and character) in Tears of a Lamb :D)

Well, this was going to be about other stuff I've been reading too, but I guess it's just a history of me and Takano Ichigo. Go read her books!!

new manga delivery kills productivity

Happy April!! I'm celebrating with new manga that just came in!! 9 books and only one is from Hana to Yume...!!!! What is the world coming to?! One book is for work because I'm tired of having to rely on digital files for font reference, so I've started just buying my own books for this one publisher that doesn't send me physical reference copies. (I'm pretty sure they send books to their translators and adapters, but apparently letterers don't make the cut.) Then there are three from Dessert (new Robico and more kabe-don manga) and four from Betsuma (more Haru x Kiyo). All this in addition to the 10 volumes of Yumemiru Taiyou I got a couple weeks ago and am still making my wait through (thanks, Amazon JP marketplace sellers with cheap sets). Collapse )

I did cut a few titles from this order so I would have enough to qualify for free shipping again on my next order (in a couple weeks because apprentice-carpenter manga has become a priority-buy series). So I will catch up on Hana to Yume next time.

After I wrote all this I managed to do a bit more work (I have just around 60 pages that need in-depth cleaning for Yowamushi Pedal!! One of the volumes of this omnibus came already clean and there was great joy in my heart upon the discovery), and then ate lunch outside (it was so sunny!! I opened the windows to let the outdoors in! was still pretty brisk and my yard was still squishy from all the rain yesterday, which is nuts because my house is on higher ground from the street so you'd think it would all run away but the ground was SATURATED. There were puddles in my lawn last night!), and then read some Skip Beat! and then wasted time on the internet and now I'm going to finish Skip (v38, from today's Kino delivery) and we'll see if I get more work done after that or if I read more manga after that.
70s shoujo


This entry is for double_dear! Tonight I went to a musical that one of the high schoolers at our church was in. It was based off the (Disney) Broadway musical of Beauty and the Beast, and she played Belle!!! I hadn't seen the movie in years so I wondered how well I would remember it all (I have seen it many many times, even if none of them have been recent), and how it would work on stage performed by high schoolers. Overall I thought it was pretty good, and Belle's part was fantastic. I knew it going in, but this girl has quite a voice, and she was really expressive in her acting too: whenever Gaston grabbed her or pulled her close, she made very convincing expressions of disgust :D (seriously, they were the best.) And her enunciation of the lines was very clear and effective, which isn't always the case with high school actors. Another thing that made the experience great was that I went with another of the youth group leaders and some of our 4th-8th grade girls, and it was a lot of fun to talk about it all with them afterwards and get their perspective on the acting and the characters and some of the funny mistakes that happened... I guess in this version of the story (at least I don't think it was this way in the movie), Lumiere & Cogsworth & co. are in the process of turning more into objects (instead of just all turning into things at the same time as the prince was enchanted), so at various points they would suddenly have added parts, like Babette suddenly had feathers at her wrist one day, and they talked about how some other servants had become entirely inanimate (there were some nice puns involved). One time Cogsworth came out, and Lumiere and Mrs. Potts noticed a wind-up-handle on his back!!! Gasp! So he told Lumiere to get it off him!, and L went around behind him to pull at it (with his candle-hands) and tugged and said "It won't come off!" But unfortunately, he must have actually tugged on it so it did come off and he couldn't put it back on, but he delivered his line anyway and then deftly(?) tossed the piece off-stage!! (into the curtains I mean, not into the audience.) Ahhh, I'm cracking up again now remembering it :D A few seconds later Mrs. Potts ad-libbed a line about how it was gone now after all (which maybe just confused things further, but something had to be said). In a later scene it had been duct-taped back onto him and she made another comment about how it grew back. She was a funny Mrs. Potts. Chip was cute too: the poor girl had to spend most of the show inside a cart that other people wheeled on and off stage, with only her head sticking out and enveloped in this plush-looking-teacup, but she always had such a cheerful smile and a chipper (ha!) voice :)

Afterwards while we were talking about it, the kids were impressed that I kept knowing all the characters' names. I didn't think it was that big a deal but I guess it's a natural result of having seen the movie dozens of times as a kid myself. (even then, I didn't learn the Silly Girls were called the Silly Girls until within the last few years!) I want to watch the movie again now...

To do double_dear proud, at the end when all the characters were taking their bows, I shouted out (on their respective turns) "Yay Silly Girls!" and "I LOVE YOU GASTON!!!!!!!!" from the front row :D It really is more fun to be a fangirl. (and the silly girls were very perfect in their silliness, and Gaston was delightfully... Gaston.) Speaking of fangirling, exactly one week ago another girl from church was playing the lead girl in Bye Bye Birdie, which is another show that features a boy that all the girls lose their minds over, so I screamed for him too. Such fun~

june livejournal post

Whoops, I never finished writing about TCAF. And this'll be my first (so probably only) post for the month of June, too... good thing I didn't let the month slip away entirely.

Today, as it happened, was The Perfect Beach Day, and so I spent it at Tunnel Park on Lake Michigan with my family :) (and many many other people who came to the same conclusion about what Day it was) It was sunny, but not too hot or windy. The water was pretty chilly (52ºF) so I only waded in up to my knees, but it was enough to cool off after sitting in the sun for a while. I enjoyed the sight of bright, colourful beach umbrellas sprawling across the sand. And of course I had my reading material, in the form of shoujo manga :D (the best thing for beach reading, I've determined.) Today's choice was Hirunaka no Ryuusei (thank you badtzphoto!!) and I'm currently on volume 3. Collapse )

I also recently read a couple short stories from another book Badtz sent me, Yajuu Kanojo (+ followup Ookami Kareshi). It was also cute and featured an adorably-awkward narcissist hero :D (sense a pattern here for lys' personal moe-points, hahah...) A couple days before I read it, one of the junior high girls from my church (this past year I've been helping out with the junior high youth group) had posted a few manga pages on facebook (she reads scans, sigh...) that I found a little concerning. They weren't outright inappropriate, but I didn't think they were the best depiction of a healthy romantic relationship (you know, the usual cool, possessive, kinda-grabby shoujo hero type), so I was wondering what I might/should say to her... and then I read these two stories, and they were cute and funny and also offered what seemed like a good and respectful message about how to treat the other person in a relationship without being too "moral-of-the-story-is..." So I weighed my options (do I just say nothing, or recommend a series she can only read via illegal means? (I could've brainstormed another manga with a similar message too, but the timing seemed perfect, and I liked that it wasn't a whole long series to commit to since I don't know much about her manga reading habits)) and decided to recommend it to her. I hope she takes it well (she thanked me for the suggestion on fb). I should ask if she's read the Kingdom Hearts manga, too, since I know she is a fan of the games :)

I've gone through (sometimes long) periods where I wonder if it's good or right for me as a Christian to be so immersed in the world of manga, and where the right place for me in it is, what's okay to read or not, how much of my time to devote to it, etc. It's been a growing/learning process and these days I feel like I know my boundaries and have my life and interests and responsibilities balanced enough that I'm not single-mindedly obsessing over fictional manga worlds 24-7. But when I see younger people at my church drawn into manga/anime fandom (it seems more and more common these days...), I wonder about how to encourage that passion (which I share, and consider a vibrant and happy part of my life) in healthy directions. Ultimately we're each responsible for our own choices and my hope is that they will grow through their experiences (like I have and still do), but I also like to think that maybe my experience (wisdom??? ha) as an adult fan of manga is maybe a bit unique (at least in my church congregation) and can be shared with them in helpful ways... So these days, that's something on my mind as I strive to balance fangirl and role-model(?) and sister in Christ with these kids.

...and with that, I'm off!! Got another busy work week ahead of me! (I'm starting a new series! I mean I hinted at/mentioned it earlier, but now I'll finally be working on it.)

february means work! yay!

Happy February! I have come to the conclusion that Januaries are uncommonly light on work for me (based on this year and what I remember of last year). So Februaries are necessarily where everything suddenly becomes busy (aka normal) again! I persevered in my pestering, and now I have Noragami to work on!! Hooray, hooray! I also got the script for a new Yen series this morning and finished my first lettering pass for it already. (I had already done the layout since the files were available early and Yen didn't have anything else for me to do, so that sped up the process.) And I sent another pestering email to the other publisher I work for in the hope of starting on my next assignment for them soon. (I think that might also be a New Series they promised me.)

I'm finding the new Yen series quite fun and already want to read v2, even though it's all messed up and ridiculous (and shouldn't be the sort of thing I typically enjoy?). But I think the mangaka knows it's a ridiculous mess (judging from her comments at the end), and simply revels in those qualities, and that's part of what makes her work fun. I also coincidentally started rereading the book it's (vaguely) based on last night, for extra amusement.

Oh, and it blizzarded here over the weekend, so first thing this morning I spent over an hour shoveling!! I've been shoveling consistently all winter so I no longer ache after every time I shovel, but I did this afternoon! That means I grew a muscle somewhere!! :D There was a lot of snow, and it was dense and grainy rather than fluffy (though also not wet-dense, like melting snow), so even where it wasn't piled up high, it got heavy and filled up my shovel quickly. And there was so much snow EVERYWHERE that the sidewalk plows for the city must've been too backed up to get to our street yet, so I ended up shoveling a narrow path down the whole block of my street since it'd be rude to just shovel a path through my own sidewalk and expect walkers to dive into a foot of snow at the end of my property line (most people I saw out and about this morning were just walking in the street, since that at least had been plowed).

Anyway, now I have go play with Yato and Hiyori and Yukine!!! :D (I've been so starved for new work, I don't even care that I'm starting a new project at 7 in the evening. Also, Noragami♥)