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(some of) what happened in september

I need to write something here before September is over (because I haven't posted anything in September yet and I try to have at least one post in every month...) so here we go, let's see what this turns into!

Right now I'm sitting in bed (news! I got a laptop and then I went to Japan with it and now it is my way of staying up too late browsing the internet. not-news: I still don't have a smartphone.) and I have both cats at my side, and at each other's side, and it's super sweet. Josie is purring loudly but starting to drift off to sleep. I kind of don't want to sleep myself yet, because the cats are too cute and I want to take it in and appreciate it.

After my Japan trip (if you want to know more about that you can read double_dear's excellent report, or wait till I eventually someday upload photos to facebook) I immediately got a cold (like, the day after I got home I woke up with that feeling in my throat...) and that was bad news for my already over-full catch-up schedule because it was a serious enough cold that I had to spend a few days just lazing about and sleeping (the jetlag was probably part of it too) and sipping miso soup and ginger tea. But somehow I made it through all that... somehow... and now I even feel like I'm caught up with work and making good progress on everything!! It's amazing! I didn't even feel like that before my trip! I have a good rhythm now with the monthly Fruits Basket volumes: I've gotten to the more dramatic parts of the story, which means sparser dialogue/narration and not asides on every single page. (there are still occasional scenes with lots of asides, but in earlier volumes they were the majority.) I just lettered a first volume for SevenSeas and it was the best first volume of a series ever because the lettering was super simple and there were many pages with one or two or ZERO lines of text (I get paid per book, not per page lettered), and the sfx were all typeset in bubbles, meaning I didn't have to choose fancy fonts or even rotate the text to fit in with the artwork. I'm very pleased to have picked this series up. (not just because it's so easy; it's intriguing on its own merits as well.)

Annnnd... today ShojoBeat posted its October books on facebook and YONA!!! was featured among them and when umadoshi shared the post, she mentioned working on or being done with a volume ahead of the one I just turned in, which gave me the idea that I could pester my editor for new files, which I did, and she kindly uploaded them for me, and I got started on cleaning them tonight!! We're already up to Green, wow! I discovered a fun thing about working on Yona is that while I'm cleaning the pages, I keep glimpsing the Japanese lines (before I erase them) and instantly recalling how they're spoken by the voice actors in the anime because I've watched and listened to it so many many times by now, and it's very amusing. Such a memorable series...

Hmm, okay, I think I can sleep now.


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30th Sep, 2016 04:42 (UTC)
Yay. You posted.
I'm glad you've recovered and made good progress on your lettering 🙂
I read the Japan trip and enjoyed the posts very much. You all had wonderful times.
I can't wait for Yona 2 - preordered it today. I may get digital versions later when viz has sales.
Shojo beat's Twitted that they would announce a new license on Sunday. So many titles I wanted!
Have a restful night.
1st Oct, 2016 00:11 (UTC)
Oh no, not sick! We haven't had time to be sick, but my usual sinus infection did start to flare up and is only just now almost cleared up. I don't really consider that "being sick", though, since it's more of an annoyance than a hindrance. Anyway, we're glad your feeling better! And yay kitties! And yay being caught up! Someday we'll be caught up...
1st Oct, 2016 02:09 (UTC)
Ack, I'm sorry you were sick!

I'm very pleased to have picked this series up. (not just because it's so easy; it's intriguing on its own merits as well.)

*g* I feel very similarly about that one. (I'm going over the lettering tomorrow. Proofreading your lettering is the BEST.)
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