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links all over the place!

I haven't posted about manga lately, have I? Or maybe I have. In any case, tonight I was browsing Amazon (inspired by a certain blogger who's always finding titles scheduled for release there before their publishers actually announce them) and... I found something! And another thing too. I think I figured out one of these before (although the new English name is unexpected). And the other title goes along with another series CMX will be publishing soon by the same author, The Lapis Lazuli Crown. So, yay! More new manga to read this fall :D

I also got some new manga from the bargain bookstore tonight, but of the three volumes I picked up, I can only read one of them because I don't have the preceding volume(s) for the others (actually, one of the books is a volume 8 in a series I don't have any others of, so... that one may stay unread for a while). I also got a couple kids books, including a short fairytale-like story by A. A. Milne (Winnie the Pooh author) with really adorable illustrations, so I am very much looking forward to reading it. It's called "The Magic Hill," in case any of you are also interested!! I would recommend it without even reading it, just on the merit of its author and the adorable pictures.

The bargain bookstore has a lot of odd stuff though. In their manga section I saw a few volumes of random shounen series in Japanese, and even one volume of Fushigi Yuugi from... Argentina?? I have no idea how it got here!

So, between that and the awesome spinach-curry-noodle dish I made for dinner, I had a good night. Even if the day was a bit stressful and crazy as I tried to get drawings done in time to be printed in time to be painted in time to be turned in Monday. I didn't get them all finished, but I should have things worked out well enough to get them printed Saturday (the printer isn't open tomorrow), spend the rest of the day and Sunday painting, and finish with a great sigh of relief! (before going back to the hundred-drawing A2Z book I had to stop in the middle of when I finally got confirmation to go ahead to finals for this project)

Oh, and by the way!! All (for now) six Natalie books are now listed, with covers! And if you look my name up on Amazon it goes onto two pages! EEEEEEEEEK :D

OH MAN Brandon, I missed 22:22 by 4 minutes! (I realized when I was correcting the timestamp for this entry)


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6th Mar, 2009 05:06 (UTC)
Awesome Lys. I just looked through all the covers. They look so good! My favorite one is for "School's First Day of Me", but it was a tough call. I need to set up a nice shelf somewhere to fill with your books!
6th Mar, 2009 16:33 (UTC)
Thanks :D That one might be my favourite too. I liked how the background turned out. But they were all fun to work on!
6th Mar, 2009 07:47 (UTC)
For once, we actually like the new title! We like how there's an exclamation point after the "oh". That just seems so Japanese to us somehow. I do wonder how these things get posted on Amazon without being announced...

Anyway, those covers are all very adorable! Good job!
6th Mar, 2009 16:40 (UTC)
Haha!! I thought it sounded rather Japanese too, which made it even weirder that it was chosen for the English title. But I guess it is kinda cute :D Anyway, I am super looking forward to reading it!!!

Thank you for your kind words!
6th Mar, 2009 10:04 (UTC)
It's too bad your name isn't listed on the Sondervan page you linked, though! But ... oh well. I am sure you're becoming famous enough without it, right?

I'm on my new computer, but the monitor of brad's that I'm using is terrible and this setup isn't making my neck feel very good. Also the moniter is kind of far away which makes things hard to read and see... so in other words I can't see the covers so well... but they still look good! Of course you know I think they are good.

Bummer on the 22:22 thing! You were late because you DAWDLE. Hahaha
6th Mar, 2009 16:44 (UTC)
I think it is listed... farther down. Apparently I haven't given them any bio info though, so it just shows my name. Gotta fix that!! I'm glad you think the covers look good despite all the toil you must go through to see them! I hope you get a new monitor soon! It seems a waste to have a fancy shiny new computer and not be able even see the screen properly!

Yeah, yeah. Mom says I dawdle... :D
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