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lys journal :D

Hi! I'm a children's book illustrator who likes manga, clothes, food, plants and bugs. I wear glasses and I am short. I aim to be happy as often as possible.
airplanes, alice in wonderland, animation, anne of green gables, anno moyoco, argyle, art, asian food, baking, bare feet, beads, being short, betsuma, books, bracelets, braided hair, brown eyes, bugs, bump of chicken, california, canada, cats, cherries, childhood, children's books, clouds, coconut flavoured anything, colours, cooking, correct grammar, curry, cute art, cute clothes, dessert, disney movies, drawing, drawing hands and feet, dresses, dry pastels, eating with chopsticks, fireflies, fireworks, fish, folding towels, food, fujieda toru, gardening, getting mail, goat cheese, goat milk, green, hana to yume, happiness, hidaka banri, history, houseplants, humour, ikimono-gakari, illustration, jane austen, japan, japanese music, kaze hikaru, kimura kaela, kittens, knee socks, knitting, lakes, languages, laughter, love psychedelico, manga, mechanical pencils, moumoon, music, neverland, nostalgia, oceans, olivia lufkin, other countries, otonamode, pad thai, patterned socks, peter pan, pink, plaid, polyabc, pomegranate soda, pretty art, princess bride, procrastinating, pumpkin pie, quilts, rain, rainy days, rambling pointlessly, reading, rice, rie fu, rings, salmon, sea shells, sekai de ichiban daikirai, shiina karuho, shonen knife, shoujo manga, sket dance, skirts, smiling, soda, spitz, squash, stars, strawberries, stripes, suemitsu & the suemith, summer, sun, sunny days, sweaters, sweet foods, the brilliant green, the moon, the sea, toes, tokeino hari, tommy february6, trees, turtles, v.b. rose, vegetables, watercolours, wearing layers, yazawa ai, youth